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“The Best of Italy”

blog0415Being big fans of the art, beauty and culture of Italy, we are particularly excited by the new spring collections of Kiton, Castangia 1850, Sartoria Partenopea, and Boglioli. Herewith is a brief introduction to the finest Italian style.

Kiton hails from Naples and reflects the artistry and passion of that area. There is surely no compromise on making any item in the Kiton world, whether it is the suits and sportjackets of indescribable elegance or the luxurious feeling of their seven fold ties. As one of the few Italian tailoring houses that owns a fabric mill, Kiton fashions luscious and color drenched cloths for its’ own exclusive use. A piece of clothing from Kiton is one of the rarest and most unique items in the world.

As Italy’s longest running tailoring house, Castangia 1850 produces some of the finest clothing to come out of Italy. The island of Sardinia influences the collection with its’ sundrenched palette and storied history. Six generations of the Castangia family have shared this passion for making fine clothing and over the ensuing decades have won many awards for quality and technique. Fit, finish, comfort and elegance define the Castangia man.

No brand defines Italian style better than Sartoria Partenopea. This Neapolitan house has been tailoring quietly elegant clothing since 1996. Extreme lightness of make, softness of feel, and slimming but comfortable silhouettes define the look of Sartoria Partenopea. Their signature cut and natural shoulder, as well as their carefully curated selection of cloth, are the epitome of elegance.

A century of tailoring excellence is the history behind the Boglioli family, who, after decades of creating for other brands, has forged a name for themselves on the cutting edge of Italian fashion. Known for their mastery of make in an ultra-soft construction, their famous “K” jacket is the perfect piece for the modern man, at once formal and sporty. Boglioli has virtually created the garment washed jacket, leading the entire industry. Boglioli embodies the Italian concept of Sprezzatura.

Below are links to review Spring Lookbooks for Kiton, Sartoria Partenopea and Boglioli.

Kiton Lookbook

Sartoria Partenopea Lookbook

Boglioli Lookbook

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  1. Fanny Keyton

    Oh, I had a look at the catalogue of Sartoria Partenopea and I found it absolutely sensational. I’m an Italian fashion designer and I really appreciate this kind of style. Can somebody suggest me other tailoring houses like this one? I’m looking for new inspirations.

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