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Dapper, Dandy or Rakish

Multiple paths pave the way for the modern gentleman to dress with taste and charm. The dapper gent will be impeccably turned out for every occasion, whether for business or formal. His jewelry will be discrete, his accessories muted. His shoes will be polished to a mirrored shine and will perfectly match his belt or watchband. His shirt is crisply pressed and his pocket square elegantly folded. In short, his adornment is his armor, projecting and enhancing his image while doing nothing to distract. The dapper gentleman will follow the rules of menswear, never to stray into faddish whims. Of course quality is paramount to him, as he tends to buy things that last a lifetime and he will take impeccable care of them so that they do. Those for whom a professional image will serve them well are quite advised to pursue this path of dressing, as it reflects a gravitas and attention to detail that favorably reflect their persona. This road to dressing well is also the easiest to master, as it only requires the gent follow the rules, pursue quality and rely on discrete good taste, whether his own or that of a trusted tailor or clothier.

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