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The Drakes-London Edit

At one of our industry’s trade shows a few years back, we had the pleasure to meet Mr. Michael Drake. Classically dressed, but sporting his trademark lavender socks, he certainly gave the impression of a man who was inspired by tradition, but not bound by it. Upon seeing this understated yet immensely creative line of neckwear, scarves and pocket squares, we immediately decided to share this line of accessories with our friends. Equally at home in London, Firenze, or Raleigh, Drakes bridges the sportiness of America, the formality of England, and the sprezzatura of Italy. A Drakes tie should be worn slightly askew, with the blade unfettered. the pocket square should be casually punched into the chest welt, the scarf thrown with abandon over the shoulder. There is an ease and a relaxed elegance to the Drakes man. He would feel comfortable with tie on and sleeves rolled while he shot a game of pool, or wearing his Drakes scarf with an old tweed jacket to a football game. That is why we are pleased to be early proponents of Drakes and to carry them among our many fine lines at our Studio.

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