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Hollywood Revisited… A Conversation with Andy Stinson of Stinson R. Ely Bespoke

Throughout the past two centuries, the world of men’s style has been dominated by France, England and Italy. During the 1930s, however, the worlds’ most stylishly dressed men turned to America for their inspiration, most notably to the icons of the big screen. Here were the heroes of masculine style, with their broad shoulders and long, lean legs. The clothing they wore emphasized that masculine physique. The introduction of the “Hollywood” waistband, hidden from view, created the effect of the elongated silhouette. Designer Andy Stinson of Stinson R. Ely has recreated that most elegant of styles, incorporating a true handmade American esthetic while eschewing the vogue of the trim, low-cut Italian fit. His daring designs flatter the body and instantly transform one into the modern day Adonis. Colors and patterns are drawn from this most elegant of times to bring forth the true dandy in us. A contrarian idea that makes perfect sense for this modern era, the designs of Stinson R. Ely are truly a cutting edge tour de force in contemporary menswear.

3 thoughts on “Hollywood Revisited… A Conversation with Andy Stinson of Stinson R. Ely Bespoke

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