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Liles Bespoke Custom Clothing

A Tale of Custom Tailoring

In classic British tailoring tradition, a garment was not made until it was spoken for.  Now Liles Clothing Studio revives that tradition with Liles Bespoke.  An Italian tailor in Queens, New York, recreates this Savile Row experience in Raleigh.  Not content with the commercial offerings of big name firms, the Liles Bespoke line has been created using the experience that we have gained in decades of dressing Raleigh’s most dapper gentlemen. We sought to find the best tailoring house that we could possibly find.  We established a pipeline with fabric houses in England and Italy.  We studied the history of classic men’s clothing as well as the most forward designers.  This journey led us to the best of the best.

While vetting the workshop to make sure that it met Liles Clothing Studio’s exacting standards, a rapport was immediately established between our head tailor and theirs.  There is truly an unspoken language between master tailors when they sense each others devotion to his craft.  Brought together with our agent of style who researches the finest cloth suppliers in the world means that a truly unique garment can be custom tailored to your fit and taste.

The process is completely unlike shopping for a suit.  Instead of choosing a suit or sport coat made to please, somewhat, a thousand people, you design something special for you.  Instead of details and styling made not to offend, you choose those details made to inspire.  Instead of choosing from among the ten or twenty suits in your size, you choose from literally hundreds of different cloths.  Whereas a suit off the peg comes in a size and length, a custom suit or sport coat from Liles Bespoke is made from a pattern using over twenty different measurements, so that you experience a fit unlike any you have known.

From Naples to New York to Raleigh, Liles Bespoke makes custom clothing on a par with the best in the world.  Come to Raleigh’s North Hills or call Liles Clothing Studio for your in home or office appointment and have Liles Bespoke custom clothing suit you to a tee.

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