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New York Stories, part 2

Down the road this autumn, we see some further trends afoot:

Within the framework of the same garment, whether a jacket, sweater, shirt or shoe, we are seeing a mixing of materials, colors or patterns. Knits and leather in a jacket, nubuck and pebble grain in a shoe, or differing patterns and textures in a shirt, all adding a visual interest and a nonchalance to one’s ensemble.

Surprisingly among the trimmer fitting trousers ubiquitous in store today, we are seeing a few of the most fashion forward makers offering pleated pants. Typically fuller at the top with a tapered bottom and cuffs and sometimes with side tabs, the pleated trouser is definitely on the horizon for the advanced dresser.

Rendered in patinaed calfskin or the finest suede, the new interpretation of the sneaker is cropping up in the finest shoe lines around. Whether worn with jeans or allowing a casual approach to suit dressing, the dress sneaker certainly allows the modern man to put his best foot forward.


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