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The newest trends in men’s style.


Men’s market week is always a thrilling time for us. We have the opportunity to focus on something so much larger in the world of menswear. We see the future trends that the industry offers up for us. We see the vision of designers from Italy, the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden and the rest of the world. We witness the vision of the most forward thinking designers in one of the most fashionable cities. We see innovative fabrics in up to date patterns and colors. This all allows us to present to you the fashion trends for the coming seasons.

Some trends might first seem contradictory. The new dandy is definitely among us. Young men are dressing up for their own sake. Trends happening on the dressier side? Vests are important, and can match a suit or stand alone. Single or double breasted, with or without lapels, vests can make a strong statement. With a matching or contrasting back, a vest can stand apart from a suit and be a sportier alternative to a jacket. Accessories abound. Socks remain colorful with subdued patterns. Pocket squares can be crisp white linen or a conversational print on silk. Lapel flowers are still strong, but lapel pins, antique or novelty, seem to be gaining ground. Ties have found a middle ground in width, with 3 to 3 1/4″ being the norm, while fabrics and colors reflect the season. Men’s jewelry is subtle, but a discreet leather or beaded band around the wrist is quite acceptable. Wear one in conjunction with a watch for that Italian charm. Cufflinks also play to the elegant side of dressing with fun conversational styles that often have a movement of their own. Fabrics are becoming more performance oriented, as technical weaves shed stains and wrinkles and are designed to keep the wearer cool. On the opposite end, we see more acceptance of cottons and linens outside of a strictly business environment, giving a little charm with their deliberately creased casualness. Outside of the professional world we also see the high end sneaker, once solely relegated to Europe, make a strong appearance here. Combing the quality calfskin of a dress shoe with a deliberately casual style and sole, they lend an insouciance to a dressier outfit as well as blending well with jeans. Speaking of jeans, we see the classic five pocket style lend itself to all manner of fabrics, creating the look of the dress pant with the comfort of blue jeans. Stretch fabrics keep these pants attractively slim yet comfortable. Sport jackets are becoming softer as they lose padding and lining. The soft jacket, five pocket pant, and dress sneaker combined with the high performance shirt make for the perfect travel outfit.

Fits remain slim but not tight for the foreseeable future, thanks to our active lifestyles and performance fabrics that move when we do.


2 thoughts on “The newest trends in men’s style.

  1. Tim Richey

    Well said and thought out. It is exciting to see the multiplicity in fashion. Not the rigid, that is in, this is out.
    Well presented style,,,, never goes out of style.
    Big fan of seasonal fabrics in tailored clothing right now. Large repeat plaids and subtle tones.
    Best Bruce

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