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On Being Dapper…

The ultimate goal of the dapper gentleman is to dress and groom himself in a manner that neither detracts from nor calls undue attention to his own persona. The best adage of this is the thought that once the dapper gentleman is out of sight, one might recall that he was well dressed, while remembering nothing specific about what he was wearing. His clothing is both armor and a camouflage. He is meticulously and appropriately dressed.

The dapper gentleman, should he be wearing a suit, would match his socks to his suit color, not to his shoes. They would be long enough to not expose calf with legs crossed and may contain a hint of pattern. His shoes would preferably be an Oxford or derby model of a subtle color, with dark browns and cordovan shades recommended for their richness and versatility. The color would be of similar shade as his belt, unless, of course, he opted for braces or side tabs on his trousers. Suits should be blues, greys, or in the tan family. Subtle stripes and plaids are suggested for variety. Shirts may be white, pastels, solids, checks, or stripes. Ties may be muted or colorful, as this is an area where the most conservative may invoke some flair.

Pocket squares or circles are recommended. A white linen square, often trimmed with a bit of color, say from the suit or tie, makes a wise choice. Proportions should be graded to the gent’s size, not to fashion, with a harmonious blend between the width of tie, the length of collar, and the lapels of jacket.

Rather than being an affectation, the dapper gent’s clothing should be viewed as part of the meticulous and organized way that he approaches life and career. This would thus be appropriate dress for those in the fields of law, finance, medicine, religion or governance, lending a sense of gravitas, intelligence, and respect for self and others.

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