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(Not quite) Live from New York!


New York Stories, a Fall ’17 Preview

A distinct advantage of the Dapper Gent’s job is the ability to see into the future. Such happened upon our recent visit to the Menswear week in New York. During this visit, we were able to discern a few trends for the Fall 2017 season.
Here in no particular order, are three.

Fall17-01-600Double Breasted suit by Orazio Luciano
Buoyed by the success of double breasted outerwear as represented by pea coats and polo coats, the double breasted jacket is finding it’s way back into formal menswear. The modern interpretation is set with the rows of buttons a little closer, minimizing the amount of fabric in front. Also cut a little shorter and more fitted, as well as in a softer, less structured tailoring, this sillouette is flattering to all body types.

Donegal knit vest by Left Coast Tee
Perfect for layering and for those milder Southern climes, the outerwear vest is a lighter and more practical layering piece to be worn over shirts, sweaters, or sport jackets , ala the gentlemen of Napoli. Lending an easygoing charm and a freedom of movement, the outerwear vest fits in perfectly within the modern gent’s wardrobe.


Chunky wool turtleneck by Gran Sasso
Lending the charm of Hemingway, the turtleneck was ubiquitous in the men’s fall collections. Whether a thin piece in a cashmere/wool/silk blend to layer underneath a suit or sport jacket, or something more textured and chunky to stand on it’s own, the turtleneck is definitely a must have item in the wardrobe. Giving a casual, elegant vibe, it will lend itself well to any closet.




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