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The Robert Talbott Sevenfold Tie.

The original construction of the modern necktie is the sevenfold, whereas one piece of silk is diagonally cut from a bolt of silk and then by a time honored method, folded in on itself seven times to reach the perfect shape. Using twice as much silk as most ties, it is the mark of the true menswear aficionado to have an appreciation of this classic art. By far the vast majority of modern neckwear is tipped and lined to create the heft and stability to tie and drape correctly as the sevenfold method is a more expensive and labor intensive product. Indeed, handwork is the only way that they can be made. Rare as this method is, what further makes the Talbott sevenfold unique is the exclusiveness of its pattern. Only forty examples are made of each tie, to the delight of its collectors. Individually numbered and boxed. A Robert Talbott sevenfold tie makes a perfect gift for a special someone or for oneself. Handmade in America, it is the perfect item for the connoisseur.



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