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Sock Appeal

Sometimes we get a bit jaded about the special offerings that we have to show you. Such is the case with the wares of Vivek Nagrani, master of the humble art of men’s hosiery. Vivek just received special recognition on the CBS Sunday Morning show as being the grand purveyor of luxury socks. We recognized his talents over a decade ago and have carried his hosiery exclusively since. Virtually creating the market for high quality patterned socks, he has spurned an army of imitators, but no equals. Always ahead of the game in sophistication and rising far afield in artistry, Vivek has created a category of his own. He has spawned an army of collectors, who eagerly await the latest designs in his limited editions. Come see how a simple addition to your wardrobe can be such an addictive habit. The latest collection, now at Liles Clothing Studio.

View CBS Sunday Morning Show with Vivek Nagrani

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