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Stylish upgrades for the modern man:

1. When in doubt, match leather to leather, fabric to fabric, metal to metal. Shoes to belt, socks, ties, accessories to suit, or each other, belt bucke to watch and ring. Adventurous dressers can know the rules and bend them, but these choices will always be safe.
2 Get fit! Your clothes should be trim enough to flatter, but not be so tight as to look one size too small. Smaller men have a little more leeway in this, but a bigger gent should not emphasize his bulk by trying to hide it under loose clothing. Be comfortable, without excess, much like life.
3.Short story. Hem that trouser with only the slightest break. A glimpse of sock is fine. Also fine are cuffs. They weight down the trouser leg for a straight hang. Just be aware of the shortening effect they can have. In a similar vein, a man’s suit jacket should have sleeves that are just short enough to show a bit of shirt cuff. “Showing your linen” as tradition dictates. A shorter jacket has a very modern look and can visually lengthen the legs, however, be sure to cover the seat. Have modesty and prudence in all things.
4. Try a new fragrance. Ask a member of the opposite sex how it smells on you. You will quickly get accustomed to he smell and someone else will best determine how it reacts to your body chemistry.
5. Try a new accesory, a lapel pin, a watch fob, a pair of red socks. Don’t try everything new at once. A little focus goes a long way.
6. Good manners are always stylish. We dress to be pleasing to the eye, to be appropriate, to share a little artistic director ndeavor with others. Let kindness, politeness, and humility accompany those looks.

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