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A Vested Interest, Part II

The Odd Vest

The odd vest brings both practicality and style to one’s wardrobe. Depending on fabric and styling, it may be worn with a suit, a sport jacket, or on its own. A double breasted model in a dove grey flannel for cooler climates, or a single breasted in an off-white linen for warmer months makes a singular expression of style when combined with a suit, while a tweed or tattersall works well beneath a richly textured sport jacket. For a sportive and elegant holiday option, a tartan plaid works well with a cashmere or velvet coat, perfect for a festive occasion.

Many of the styling options for suit vests also apply to the odd waistcoat as well, although while lapels are optional on suit vests, they are much encouraged on the odd ones. Four pockets are also an option as are flaps on the lower pockets. When choosing one’s odd vest, cloths normally chosen for sport jackets make for rich and interesting options. Keep in mind, however, the bulk of the fabric, for the jacket might be made a little fuller to accommodate a loftier vest.

A great option on the odd waistcoat is the choice of self or contrasting cloth back, rather than the Bemberg favored for suits. This makes for a more finished look when the vest is the topmost layer, as when worn with jeans, khakis or corduroys. Only when it is the topmost layer can the vest be left unbuttoned, although the slimming effects are then minimized.

Either matching or contrasting, the waistcoat makes a most complimentary addition to ones’s kit. Dare we say, “ Go vest ,young man!”?

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