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Will That Be a Single… Or a Double?

Why are American men so hesitant to try double breasted jackets? Not only elegant but highly flattering, double breasted jackets were all the fashion rage in the 1930s, when American men took inspiration from their English brethren. Contrary to popular opinion, double breasted coats flatter a number of body types, with the extra swath of fabric concealing the girth of a stout man, while the peak lapels draw the eye up and out on a gentleman of abbreviated stature. The key is the roll of the lapel and the fastening of the buttons. Fastened on the lower button, the long sweep of the lapel adds to an illusion of height, while a jacket buttoned to the higher button is flattering on the tall and lean. Even a single breasted jacket can borrow the peak lapels of it’s sartorial cousin, adding a hint of swagger to the silhouette. The crossover front works well in black tie, where it makes a vest or cummerbund redundant. It is also popular in a suit jacket, particularly in Europe, where it is often done up with ticket pocket, or even on a modern version with slanted hacking pockets. It is even seen in a more casual mode, such as a four button style with three open patch pockets. Perhaps the most traditional of the DB coats is the navy blazer, which harken back to it’s historical nautical origins. This version is often fastened with buttons of metal, but more contemporary versions may use mother of pearl or corozo. However you might try it, the double breasted will instantly elevate your style quotient, and make you feel confidently different. Try one and see if it doesn’t make you feel like the classic Hollywood movie idol!

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